Prism Youth Initiative

A Safe Setting for LGBTQ Youth

Services provided at prism youth initiative

"We strive to provide a safe and empowering place for LGBTQ Youth of Manatee County."

Empowerment of our Youth -

  • Prism provides advocacy, and referrals for services, as well as education about bullying, suicide prevention, HIV prevention and other LGBTQ issues.
  • Prism enhances our youths' lives by involving them in community events as well as hosting field trips to theatre, museums, etc.
  • Prism provides a safe space for youth ages 13-23 to be themselves and build social support networks.
  • Prism works with CAN Community Health, Manatee Children's Services and other community organizations, to provide services for youth ages 13-17.
  • Prism offers referrals for youth counseling if needed, by licensed psychotherapists who have expertise in LGBTQ issues. If no insurance is available, counseling at no cost can be arranged.