A BIG THANK YOU to the South Florida Museum for hosting Prism Youth Initiative at the star talk, Stelliferous Live, last February 24th

A great time and lots of pizza was had by all!.

Last Year's Manatee Pride Festival


March 3, 2018

This is an update for the next Prism meeting! We will be hosting a group event to go see ArtSlam 2018! This event is hosted on Old Main Street in Downtown Bradenton and has dozens of vendors, activities, and performances! We will be providing a picnic lunch around noon on the waterfront, away from all the hustle and bustle, so we can talk about Pride and just decompress a bit. Feel free to either indulge in our lunch or buy from the plethora of vendors on site! We will be posting a more finite itinerary as we get closer, including times and locations for meet-ups if you can't hang out for the entire time, and the lunch options. Feel free to bring a friend and hang out for the day. It's going to be a great time had by all!

Get involved with PRISM so you can participate in our events!

LIKE OUR PAGE ON FACEBOOK and find  events listed there so you can let us know that you will attend.  Or call us at 941-357-0111

A Safe Setting for LGBTQ Youth

Calling all LGBTQ youth ages 13-23

Join us the first Saturday of each Month at Prism from noon till 3 pm


Prism Youth Initiative

Manatee Pride 2016